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Citizens’ groups use revenue disclosures to advocate for local service funding

Story of Change

Fees charged to mining companies for land use are a significant source of income for local authorities in Zambia. The Zambian Publish What You Pay (PWYP) coalition discovered that a legal loophole had been enabling some mining companies to avoid paying land-use fees. These lost revenues affect the authorities’ ability to provide services to local communities. The coalition made the discovery while analysing mining company payments to local and national governments, disclosed through the Zambian Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) reports.

The coalition collaborated with local authorities to challenge the loss of substantial revenues, providing them with evidence of the extent of losses and arranging meetings with the national government on the issue. Under pressure from local authorities, the national government amended the law, enabling local authorities to charge land-use fees. Citizen groups are now monitoring the application of this amendment and tracking use of the funds raised, down to community level.


The PWYP Stories of Change capture progress and showcase the impact of PWYP members. They help reflect on advocacy approaches taken by PWYP members, with the intention of learning and strengthening our connected advocacy within our movement.



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