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The PWYP Yemeni coalition, the Transparency Coalition for Extractive Industries (TCEI), was launched in 2009 and has 12 members. Among its first activities was the campaign for an Access to Information Law, eventually passed in 2012. The coalition is currently advocating for Yemen to negotiate fair deals for its resources and calling for all production-sharing agreements to be reviewed in light of several recent suspicious deals. The country was suspended by the EITI Board in 2015 due to political instability. The coalition is now pushing the government to relaunch the process.

The Yemen coalition campaigned for an Access to Information Law, passed in 2012, and is currently advocating for Yemen to negotiate fair deals for its resources and review all production-sharing agreements

Member organisations

Al Amal Center for Transparency
Al Mustaqbal party
Democratic Youth Assembly
Economic Media Training Center
Felix for Oil Consultancy
Human Rights Information and Training Center external website link >
Irada Institute for Development
Kul Al Banat Institute
Network of Friends of Reconstruction
Nidaa Institute for Humanitarian Development
Organisation for Aid and Development, Hadramoot
Organisation for Change Towards Support for Rights and Freedom
Organisation for Promoting Integrity
Yemen Center for Human Rights Studies
Yemeni Institute for Legal Support
Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights
Yemeni Organisation for Economic and Social Development
Yemeni Parliamentarians Against Corruption
Social Democratic Forum

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