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Fair Share? Shining a light on the extractive industries fiscal regimes in Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda

Taxation is seen as one of the most sustainable sources of revenue for governments, with the potential to contribute to investments in basic services and to enhance the social contract between citizens and their government. Our new synthesis research report explores the fiscal regimes in Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda and how they can be improved to provide public services and infrastructure for citizens.

Fair Share? Shining a light on the extractive industries fiscal regimes in Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda” is based on research conducted in 2019, whilst this was before the current and on-going global health pandemic, it was grounded in the reality in Sub-Saharan Africa, tax revenues account for less than a fifth of GDP (compared to a third of GDP in OECD countries).

This research was produced by Publish What You Pay (PWYP) coalitions in Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda with support from the PWYP International Secretariat.

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